By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Aug 21, 2021 at 9:31 AM

You remember that little kerfuffle between Milwaukee and late-night host Stephen Colbert from last year? Probably – I mean, not much has happened in the news over the last 365 days. 

For those who forgot: Before the DNC, Colbert made a bad comedy bit about Milwaukee that we locals did not care for – and we made such a retch about it that the comedian apologized on his show for all the low blows. During the MKEa culpa, though, Colbert also accepted an invitation from the (now Giannis-owned) Brewers to attend a proper tailgate – if he could also run in the sausage race. 

And on Friday night, almost a year later, Colbert finally made good on his word. 

The late-night host made the rounds during last night's Brewers game against the Washington Nationals at American Family Field, hitting some tailgates, playing around with the Brewers during warmups and even scoring a caricature bust made of – what else? – cheese. That's right: When you insult us, you get a free baseball game AND a piece of cheddar art. 

Colbert earned his dairy double, however, as he eventually took the field in between innings on Friday night to formally apologize to the Milwaukee Brewers faithful in attendance. And, well ... it sounds like they were Jimmy Fallon fans. 

And, as he requested, Colbert got to run in the sausage race, coming in dead last as the hot dog (complete with Colbert-esque spectacles). He did get a second chance at finishing respectably in the race, finishing third in the second heat ... against children. Clearly should've gone to OnMilwaukee's resident sausage racer for advice. 

So, clearly the race didn't work out for Colbert – but did his Friday night apology tour work? Judging by the boos in the clips, it would seem Milwaukee is still as bitter as a quadruple IPA. And to make matters worse, the (still first-place) Brewers lost to the lowly Nationals, 4-1. So even if we accept this in-person second apology, maybe Colbert should still never come back. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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