By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Feb 02, 2020 at 10:46 AM

For the last two years, in order to help make the New England Patriots playing (and most likely winning) the big game tolerable, we've brought you the NFL Memes Facebook page and their Super Bowl drinking game. But in 2020, New England is watching the Super Bowl with the rest of us, so this year's drinking game isn't for survival – it's for celebrating!

Indeed, the Patriots are out of the big game for the first time since 2016, replaced by quarterback phenom Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in representing the AFC. And best of all, we may never be menaced by boring Tom Brady and the world's grumpiest man Bill Belichick ever again, as Brady seems like he's planning to take his 42-year-old garbage arm elsewhere now that his contract's up with New England while Belichick's preparing to guide some guy name Jarrett Stidham to victory with his uniquely charismatic brand of grumbles and murmurs. In short: Our national nightmare may finally be over.

And sure, Packers fans may be upset that their team fell just short of the big game – but any Green Bay fan just has to be happy that they massively out-performed this season's expectations, with an all-new coach and system. So instead of being bitter, let's party – and to help, here's the NFL Memes Facebook page's drinking game to make watching Patrick Mahomes somehow even more entertaining than usual.

And, of course, feel free to add your own rules, such as:

  • Pop a champagne bottle every time you remember that Tom Brady threw a hilarious pick-six to end the Patriots' season.
  • Take a drink when some Super Bowl ad commercial – almost certainly for either Pepsi or Doritos – featuring a handful of famous celebrities airs but makes no discernible impact on anyone watching it. (Bonus drink if your parents or grandparents in the room ask, "Who was that supposed to be?")
  • Chug an entire six-pack of Spotted Cow every time the broadcast shows a highlight from the NFC Championship game. (It will never be a Packers highlight – there were no Packers highlights from that game.)
  • Take a shot every time the announcers or pregame show talks about the Tom Brady photo from Twitter and no one cares.
  • Take a drink every time we spend ten minutes watching replays of a player catch a football but not catch a football and analyzing the footage as if it's the Zapruder film.
  • Also take a drink every time a coach thinks about challenging a pass interference call but decides not to because he knows the NFL officials booth is just going to laugh at them and not change the call.
  • Take a shot after every commercial with some anodyne message like "Be nice" that you know will cause controversy – because apparently that counts as a political statement these days.
  • Drink a Miller Lite every time Bud Light tries to make you feel bad for drinking something that was made with corn syrup or brags about how they BOLDLY put their ingredients on the label. 
  • Drink, just in general, because Joe Buck and Troy Aikman have the call for the game.

And there it is, the Super Bowl LIV drinking game. Because anytime Patriots fans are sad, it's something worth celebrating – and celebrating hard.

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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