By Allen Halas OnMilwaukee Staff Writer Published Feb 06, 2024 at 3:31 PM

With the opening of Potawatomi Sportsbook last April, Super Bowl LVIII is the first installment of the big game that you can (legally) bet on in Milwaukee. While you can certainly put some money down on whether the Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers are going to win or cover the spread, you can also bet on plenty of non-football action, or prop bets, locally as well. 

A proposition bet, or prop for short, isn’t about the number of points on the board or the stats recorded on the field. Instead, think of it as more of a “will it or won’t it happen?” type of situation. Prop bets are popular around the Super Bowl, because you can bet on just about anything that could happen during the game. Some people, for instance, have prop bet pools where they guess things like what color of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach. Believe it or not, people put serious money down on the non-football elements of the game.

In the case of Super Bowl LVIII at Potawatomi Sportsbook, there are literally hundreds of bets available beyond the final score of the game or what team will win. Amongst the offerings in Milwaukee are whether or not the game will end in a Scorigami – aka a final score that has never been recorded before in NFL history. (The percentages of that are pretty low.) You can also bet on whether or not a player will score an “octopus,” which is the same player scoring a touchdown as well as the following two-point conversion. Will an offensive lineman score a touchdown? Will the two-minute warning in the first half occur with exactly two minutes left on the clock? We only get weirder from here.

Know before you go

Yes, you can bet the coin toss. Yes, you can bet on whether or not the final play of the game will be a kneel-down to run out the clock. Want to bet on whether the game will be done before or after 10:15 p.m. local time? Yup, you can bet on that too. In fact, all of the available options can be overwhelming for even the most savvy of sports bettors. To save yourself some time, you can view the full list of Super Bowl LVIII bets, including props, via Potawatomi Sportsbook’s online odds. To save even more time, you can build your bet ahead of time by selecting what you’d like to wager on using your phone. That will generate a QR code, which you can scan below the betting machine once you get to the casino. (The bettors in line behind you will thank you.)

It’s also important to note that you can’t parlay multiple props together, for example, predicting that the coin toss will come up heads and that the game will be finished after 10:15 p.m. local time. You can, however, place multiple single bets that will be activated when you scan the QR code, after which you put in the amount that you would like to wager on each individual bet. If you’ve been to the sportsbook on a Packers game day, you know that lines form quickly, so it may be best to place your bets during the week. That will likely alleviate in the near future, when Potawatomi finishes transforming the converted Northern Lights Theater into its permanent expanded sportsbook offering. 

So even if you don’t particularly care about who wins the game, you can still get in on the action and win some money on Super Bowl LVIII this Sunday. Best of luck, bettors, and remember: Tails never fails (Or maybe it does. Guess we’ll have to find out.)