By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Feb 07, 2021 at 8:56 AM

After a football season like no other, things are coming to an end like far too many others before: with all of us having to watch Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.

Yes, he may have a new look after moving from New England to Tampa Bay, but it's still the same ol' annoying Tom Brady. We'll have to listen to announcers use the phrase "G.O.A.T." more often than a chevre factory. We'll have to hear broadcasters talk about how he willed this team to the big game, despite the fact that he threw three interceptions in the second half of the NFC Championship, practically begging the Packers to beat them while the Tampa defense cleaned up his mess. We'll have to hear the same "inspirational" stories – like did you know he wasn't picked until the sixth round of the 2000 Draft?! And worst of all, we'll probably have to see him lift yet another Super Bowl trophy because Tom Brady won't stop until he's sucked all joy out of football (and also sold everyone a pair of UGG boots in the process). 

So yeah, we're all Kansas City Chiefs fans today. But in case the ever-entertaining Patrick Mahomes can't save the day on the field, here's the NFL Memes Facebook page's annual drinking game to make watching Tom Brady slightly more tolerable. Enjoy:

And, as always, feel free to add your own special rules as well, such as:

  • Take a drink whenever you see a commercial that you already saw debut a week ago, meaning that you can ignore it now. Five million dollars well spent, companies!
  • Take a drink every time you have to explain to your parents who Shailene Woodley is.
  • Drink a full bottle of hard alcohol whenever you remember that pass interference call on Kevin King in the NFC Championship game. Or that Bucs touchdownn at the end of the first half. Or when you remember anything, period, from that game.
  • Take a drink if Bucs coach Bruce Arians is wearing a Kangol hat.
  • Take a drink if you're a State Farm ad exec who, once again, missed out on having Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes both in the Super Bowl.
  • Take several drinks if The Weeknd comes out and performs in some weird face makeup.
  • Take a drink when Jim Nantz talks in a soothing, sleep-inducing whisper about a tradition unlike any other ... The Masters on CBS. 
  • Chug your entire drink whenver you have to watch an ad for a blandly crappy-looking show on CBS that you didn't know existed but somehow has had at least four seasons. (What the heck is "B Positive"? And is "Blue Bloods" really still on television?!)
  • Throw your drink when you see an ad for yet another streaming service that wants your money, in entertainment's constant quest to turn streaming essentially back into cable. 
  • Shotgun a full 12-pack in honor of Rob Gronkowski. 
  • Drink, just in general, because it's 2021 – aka 2020 Part 2: Electric Boogaloo. 

And there it is, your Super Bowl drinking game and survival strategy for making it through another Tom Brady praise-athon. Have fun and look at the good side: At least there's no Bill Belichick or Boston sports fans this time!

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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