By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published May 24, 2017 at 5:58 PM Photography: Royal Brevvaxling

Ahoy Milwaukee mateys! OnMilwaukee declares May 24th as the official "Talk Like A Milwaukee Pirate Day." This fake Milwaukee holiday provides an excellent opportunity to don pirate wear while expressing Brew City pirate phrases like "Yarrrr der hey!" "Walk the Plankinton!" or "Shiver me winters!" And remember: the foam cheesehead is the original trifold hat.

Look, dressing up like a pirate is all well and good, but looking the part doesn't really matter if you don't sound the part, too. Lucky for you, we've come up with a number of great ways to talk like a Milwaukee pirate on "Talk Like A Milwaukee Pirate Day." Perfect!

Here are 25 MKE-minded expressions for all you local scallywags to say and enjoy:

1. Yarrr der hey!

2. Shiver Me Winters!

3. Walk the Plankinton!

4. Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rumchata!

5. Send ‘em to Davy Jones Island!

6. Three Ben Sheets to the wind!

7. Thon she blows!

8. Fly the Jolly Aaron Rodgers!

9. Pirates of the Kenwood Blvd: The Curse of the Bruce Pearl!

10. Give me a cold, refreshing Miller Genuine Grog!

11. Son of a bratwurst eater!

12. Shiver Me Timber Rattlers!

13. Webster X marks the spot!

14. Watch out for the feared pirate Captain Beerbarossa!

15. And beware, Captain Jack Safro-Darrow!

16. The CalArrrrrtrava at the Arrrrttt Museum sure is beautiful!

17. Riverwalk the plank!

18. The chest is buried on Treasure (Jones) Island

19. Yo (ho ho) Mama frozen yogurt

20. The controversial Milwaukee scallyflag

21. Land ho? Sand, snow!

22. Arrrrrrrt Smarrrrrrrt’s Darrrrrrrrt Marrrrrrt is fun

23. Paul Cebarrrrrr

24. Kareem Abdul-Jabbarrrrrr

25. Where are we going to dinner? Ristorante Barrrrrrtolotta

What's your favorite expression? Let us know in the comments, or send us your own way to talk like a Milwaukee pirate on Talk Like A Milwaukee Pirate Day!