By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 10, 2019 at 12:01 PM

Good news, Giannis and Jeff Sherman: Potawatomi Hotel & Casino today announced that it will bring Topgolf, the popular golf entertainment brand, to Milwaukee.

Expected this fall, the hotel and casino will open two Topgolf Swing Suite bays, simulators offering an indoor version of the larger outdoor Topgolf experience, along with other virtual sports and target games, played against a screen for parties up to eight people. The lounges also include HDTVs, food and beverages. 

These new bays coming to Potawatomi mark the brand's first step in Milwaukee. Topgolf announced in April plans to open seven of the Swing Suite simulators at the Titletown District in Green Bay.

"We are excited to be the first in Milwaukee to offer the Topgolf experience to guests," said Potawatomi Hotel & Casino CEO and General Manager Rodney Ferguson, in a press release. "Whether it’s gaming, food, music or unique opportunities like Topgolf Swing Suite, we are always looking for new ways to entertain our guests."

"Powered by industry-leading Full Swing simulators, games are designed so everyone can have a great time," said Topgolf Swing Suite President Ron Powers, in the release. "We are proud to team with Potawatomi to provide a new kind of interactive social experience."

When opened this fall, the two TopGolf Swing Suite bays will be located next to the Fire Pit Sports Bar & Grill at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino.

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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