By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 12, 2018 at 8:56 PM

The news is, well, usually bad and depressing these days, and at best, we virulently disagree about it. But there was one story this week that offered a glimmer of positivity and hope that everyone could agree on – and it's got a Milwaukee connection.

Last Wednesday, a crucial Minnesota high school baseball game ended with two childhood friends facing off against one another for the final out. Mounds View pitcher Ty Koehn struck out Totino-Grace batter Jack Kocon to seal the 4-0 victory, sending the former off to the state championship tournament and ending the latter's season.

While his teammates celebrated on the field, Koehn went in the opposite direction to hug and console his final strikeout victim – and his longtime pal, creating a viral moment that's spawned "Field of Dreams" amounts of tears.

"It was just instincts to go up to him and let him know that the outcome of the game isn’t as important as our friendship," Koehn told the Minneapolis Star Tribune

Kocon added, "When I realized what happened, I hung my head and he gave me a hug. That was huge for me, because I needed someone and he was there for me."

No, YOU'RE crying. 

While Koehn's now off to the Minnesota state baseball tournament, Kocon's next stop is right here in Milwaukee, as he's preparing for his freshman year this fall at Marquette University, studying biomechanics in the hopes of becoming a doctor.

In fact, just Monday, according to the Star Tribune piece and Marquette's Twitter account, he completed his freshman orientation. 

This has been your happy news story of the week. You're welcome – but we also apologize that your face is probably going through a relentless tear-soaked rain delay now. 

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