By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Oct 14, 2017 at 3:01 PM

Fall isn't over yet, Milwaukee. #WeWant to still enjoy these goodies and you may to. 

Grill it: STOK Tourist portable grill

It won’t replace your backyard gas grill, but the STOK Tourist will more than suffice on your next camping trip or tailgating party. With 104 square feet of grilling space, you’ll have room for a few burgers or brats, and it folds up into a small form factor that can be carted around in your trunk. It uses one-pound propane fuel canisters, and its 5,000 BTUs of heat don’t get super, duper hot, but they will get the job done. Interestingly, STOK offers several grill inserts (mine came with a standard grate and pizza stone). Unfortunately, the grill is not easy to put together – attaching the nuts to the screw on the handle requires tiny fingers and a lot of patience – but once you’re done, this is a good and inexpensive backup grill for your on-the-go tailgating needs. – Andy Tarnoff

Get him: Marquette garden gnome

I'm not a yard expert and don't spend any of my "free" time working in our yard. Sorry, just not my thing. I do, though, admire and respect those that do and, of course, love the team at The Green Team that helps keep our back yard green and growing. There is, though, one thing I want to lurk in our bushes near our modest patio – a Marquette gnome. Yep, we are Marquette and my backyard needs this now. They, of course, come dressed in other school colors too. – Jeff Sherman

Plink it: The Pocket Shot

If you like shooting stuff for recreation, consider The Pocket Shot, an upgrade from the old-fashioned slingshot. With its unique design, you can fire steel slugs, marbles, paintballs or Airsoft bullets at speeds up 350 feet per second. That’s powerful enough for the manufacturers to remind user that "this isn’t a toy," rather it’s a mechanical way to plink off cans and other sorts of target practice to channel your inner Bart Simpson. I guess you could technically use this to shoot very small game, but for $25, I prefer to blow up inanimate objects. – Andy Tarnoff

Use it: Krazy Kover

Keep your drinks colder longer and in style with the Krazy Kover by Kolder. Each Krazy Kover can stretch to fit anything from your 12-ounce bottle of beer to your 20-ounce bottle of water to your 2-liter bottle of pop. The 100 percent acrylic wool bottle holder is a great way to show your Packers pride. – Carolynn Buser