By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Apr 21, 2013 at 9:05 AM

Last week was a bummer for Boston and America but there was still enough positive and uplifting stuff around the Web to keep up our spirits.

How badly did the media mess up the initial reporting about the Boston Marathon bombings? media column lets us count the ways. 

We tend to think we really don't need a good  reason to post any news about Modern Family's  Sofia Vergara. But since she announced last week that she's freezing her eggs so she can have another child, we might as well celebrate her decision.

Wonder if her TV son Manny approves?

This one seemed like an  interesting way to enjoy Free Wi-Fi being offered at a McDonald's restaurant in Waukesha. A man was caught masterbating to porn on his portable computer.

No, McDonald's isn't the burger place that says "Have it your way" but that immediately came to mind when we heard about it. 

If you had a talking dog, do you think he would ask you to adopt a kitten for him to play with? Don't laugh. This talking dog did just that. 

The folks at AJ Bombers in downtown Milwaukee has just been recognized for having some of the best bar food in the U.S. Surprising, it was for their peanuts that everybody throws on the floor.

We kind of like the hamburgers, too. 

We've heard some great Facebook stories but few beat this one: A guy was charged with bigamy after Facebook suggested that his wife 'friend" another woman on Facebook.

The other woman turned out to be the guy's other wife, the one his current wife didn't know about. 

Can't help but "Like" that story. 

In a stirring tribute to the people of Boston and their ability to face up to challenge, here's that incredible video of the crowd singing "The National Anthem" at the top of their lungs shortly after the bombings at the Boston Marathon. 

WIth Americans like this, how can we lose?