By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Nov 06, 2016 at 7:01 PM

Winter is a-coming and so is your need for the best snuggly, warm, cozy bed. Here are a few of our #WeWants to make your bed the best it can be. 

Bed down in them: L.L. Bean flannel sheets

Winter weather calls for flannel sheets, and I'm about due for a few new sets. My favorite brand for flannel sheets, by far, is LL Bean. While you can buy cheaper flannel sheets (or more expensive ones) elsewhere, the LL Bean cotton flannel sheets are some of the softest, most durable I've ever tried. Unlike cheaper brands, these don't pill up after multiple washes. In fact, they stay fluffy and soft through multiple seasons. And, while they're warm, they're also made of breathable cotton so they won't cause you to overheat. My only complaint? I wish they came in cuter, more whimsical prints. – Lori Fredrich

Lay under it, too: canopy bed

I guess I don't really want something for my bed as much as I just want a new bed. Specifically, a four-poster canopy bed with dark hanging drapes so that I never have to see the sun or wake up early and can stay warm and comfy and cozy in bed forever. But also, a nice soft blanket is pretty good too. – Jimmy Carlton

Get down with it: Lands End down comforter

This baby has 650-fill power goose down that's super-cleaned for greater purity – but really what matters to me is the warmth. But, for those that are curious it's prewashed, then washed again in an intense cleansing process for a uniform grade of down that is dust free and odor free. Farewell, allergies. What's more, this comforter is constructed with internal baffle boxes – so you can stop that eternal fluffing and the down stays even. It even has tabs that can corner tie into Lands End duvet covers, as well. – Carolynn Buser

Must have them: My Pillows

After years of trying to find the right pillow and spending between $10 and $50 on failed pillows, I finally discovered it. Turns out, it's not that I needed one perfect pillow. I actually needed two. My Pillow bills itself as "the world's most comfortable pillow" and that's a lot to live up to, but I have found this to be a true statement. Before buying a My Pillow, consumers take a brief quiz about how they sleep, in which positions, etc. Then they are matched with the pillow that would be the most comfortable for them. Because I am both a side and stomach sleeper, it was suggested I get two different pillows, which I did. I thought going back and forth between pillows would be annoying, but it's not. When I'm shifting positions I simply shift pillows as well and I find myself sleeping more comfortably and peacefully than I have in a long time. Cutting caffeine from my diet might also have something to do with it. – Molly Snyder