By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Nov 25, 2015 at 3:03 PM

Hoping to score some deals over the holiday weekend? Us too! Here are just a few of things #WeWant to add to our shopping carts. 

Listen with it: Bose Wireless Speaker

I listen to music, comedy and podcasts on my phone constantly. Whether throwing a raging party or just showering with tunes, I'd be using the Bose Wireless Speaker in my apartment constantly. Portable, simple and super-awesome sound, that's the best way for me to listen to all my 90s playlists. – Jimmy Carlton

Fly them: tiny drones

Drones quadcopter can be fun, but they’re also a bit of an investment – because if you’re like me, you’re not very good at flying them. In fact, I’ve crashed the quadcopter I bought last fall so many times that I’ve already had to invest in a bunch of spare parts And that’s no fun. If only someone made easier, cheaper starter drones, right? Guess what, they do.

The tiny Axis Nano, and the even tinier Aerius are ridiculously small, entry-level quadcopters. Suitable for kids of any age, they don’t sport camera but can be used safely indoors. And, while I thought the Nano was the smallest drone ever, the Aerius is even tinier. It’s about the size of the face of a watch, and yes, it’s easy to fly.

If you’re thinking about dabbling in drones, these are a good way to start. Nothing fancy, 5-7 minutes of flying time. But easy. The Aerius costs a mere $35, while the Nano is only $40. –Andy Tarnoff

Prettify with it: LORAC Pink Champagne Eye Shadow/Cheek Palette

Beauty deals are hard to come by but thankfully there are a few to score this Cyber Monday. The one I won't be missing is this LORAC Pink Champagne Eye Shadow/Cheek Palette. Coming in at $19 - and  a $117 value - this limited-edition palette will be sold exclusively on Amazon. Included are four eye shadows, an eye and cheek highlighter, a blush and a bronzer. – Carolynn Buser

Cook with it: Lagostina Martellata copper pan 

I've always wanted a handsome, traditional, sturdy copper pot for making polenta and now that the cooler temps have brought polenta season back, it's time to make a move. Hey, it's the holidays for me, too, right? So, my gift to me will be a hand-hammered pot from Lagostina, because if you're making polenta it surely ought to be in an Italian-made pentola. Lagostina's Martellata series is of a three-ply construction, with stainless steel inside, hammered copper on the exterior and, in between, a thick aluminum core that ensures good, even heat conduction, including up the sides of the pots. The design is classic with a modern flair, with stainless steel lids, elegantly curved stainless steel handles that remain cool to the touch and a flared edge around the rim to allow for pouring without making a mess. It's an investment, surely, but one that will will outlive me, I hope, as a culinary heirloom. Someday when my kids are passing the polenta pot along to their kids, they can say, "your nonno used to make polenta for us in this pot." – Bobby Tanzilo

Smell it: Jar Candles

As a broke college student that yearns to have a sweet smelling home it’s usually hard for me to rationalize paying upwards of $20 dollars for a big container of wax that will slowly disappear. However, now all jar candles at Target will be 50 percent off and I will finally be able to indulge. I’m pretty excited to have all the rooms of my house smelling like pumpkin pie or pine trees. – Shannon Kirsch

Book it: Travel deals

If I have my druthers on Cyber Monday, I'll be taking advantage of some travel deals to look forward to in the new year. Rumor has it that Expedia will be using their app to offer 90 percent off deals every hour from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Cyber Monday in hot spots such as Los Angeles, Cancun and New Orleans. So, that seems like a great place to start. – Lori Fredrich

Listen to it: The Jam – "Fire & Skill" box set (Polydor)

My favorite band of all time and the best I ever witnessed onstage is feted with six CDs of live gigs from across a career that burned briefly but intensely. Some of these shows are well-known to fans via bootlegs, b-sides and other releases, but the chance of having top-quality versions all in once place with all the cool extras is too good to pass up. So, if I can convince myself I'm worth the price of admission, I'll click "buy" on this one come Cyber Monday. –Bobby Tanzilo

Make coffee with it: Chefman Single Serve Coffee Maker

I usually make coffee in the morning when I’m half asleep and either add too much water or too many grounds. I also usually make more than I actually need and end up throwing out the rest which seems like a real waste. Needless to say, I’m used to having bitter coffee that I’m drinking purely for the caffeine. However, now I won’t have to anymore when I buy this $8 single coffee maker. I’m excited to be able to enjoy tasty cups of coffee without the hassle of having to measure anything. It should be noted that this will be on sale in the store for $19.99 but there is a $12 mail in rebate. – Shannon Kirsch

Read it: "M Train" by Patti Smith

Musician, writer and artist Patti Smith's first book, "Just Kids," is one of my favorite memoirs. It chronicles Smith's initial move to New York with then-boyfriend Robert Mapplethorpe. The language is so intricate and precise without being too dense or boggy that I didn't want it to end. Hopefully, her new memoir, "M Train," is written in the same voice. It details her true-love relationship with Fred Sonic Smith and the grief she endured when she lost him. Apparently I love crying into books because I seem to be doing a lot of that lately. Anyone recommend any funny reads? – Molly Snyder