By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Aug 06, 2015 at 3:02 PM

While camping is an elective sport, most of us elect to do it. Here are just a few things #WeWant to take with us! 

Cook with it: Iron "sandwich cookers"

 I'm no glamper, but I gotta have these items with me when I go camping. They are a bit clunky and heavy, but work really well to make grilled cheese and calzone over an open campfire. It's especially fun to experiment with 'em, which is how I "invented" my sandwich masterpiece – grilled pb&j with bacon. Just be sure to fry the bacon first or there'll be a tragically quick end to your camping trip. – Molly Snyder

Cook with it: Coleman Bottle Top Propane Stove

If you’re an occasional camper, you may not need the fanciest gear money can buy. That’s why I picked up the very small Coleman Bottle Top Propane Stove for just under $24. It puts out plenty of heat at 10,000 BTUs, boiling water very quickly. I like that it holds a variety of pot sizes securely, even on uneven ground, and it’s actually quite windproof. It takes the small 16.4 ounce propane cylinders, which will provide 2.5 hours of cooking heat on high, and nine hours on low. I like my camping (or glamping) cheap and easy. This little stove fits the bill perfectly. – Andy Tarnoff

Spray it: Slumberhouse Jeke and Norne

Portland indie fragrance house Slumberhouse makes amazing colognes that are expensive but last forever. One spray, in fact, is almost too many. "Jeke" is described as being reminiscent of "autumn twilight." To me, its cade oil note smells like a dirty martini poured over a raging clove bonfire ... in old leather boots. I love this one, but it blossoms about an hour after application then projects for 12 hours. "Norne" smells like someone just rolled around in a fir and hemlock forest, yet the pitch-black cologne doesn't contain a single essential oil or synthetic ingredient. At $160/bottle, I guarantee you’ll be the only one wearing these scents at the campground. – Andy Tarnoff

Wear it: Stetson No Fly Zone Hats 

These safari-style hats are perfect for your summer camping trip. Not only will you look the part, but the brims keep the sun off your face and neck, and mesh openings help your head breathe and stay nice and cool ... and dry. Best of all, these EPA-registered hats – suitable for men and women – are made with Stetson's No Fly Zone technology, which contains permethrin fabric treatment to repel insects, helping to prevent bug bites, from the likes of ticks, mosquitoes and flies. Drop the back flap to keep the bugs off the back of your neck. I like the STC199 boonie style with the chin cord for the full-on Indiana Jones look. – Bobby Tanzilo

Shave with it: Knock Out Shave S’mores shaving soap

Artisan shaving cream/soap maker Knock Out Shave makes some of the finest products I’ve ever shaved with, and S’mores is no exception. This scent smells so good and real, you’ll want to eat it, but you don’t. The 4-ounce puck is tallow based, so it lathers extremely well and moisturizes while it cushions your face. And that scent. Exactly like graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows … you’ll feel like you’re sitting by the campfire, whether you are or aren’t. It’s a total steal at $8. – Andy Tarnoff

Read it: "Back to the Wild" by Alain Saury (Process Media)

It's a good thing you didn't end up in a "Lost"-like scenario between 2012 and now, because this "Practical Manual for Uncivilized Times" by French author/poet/actor/artist/activist Alain Saury is making its English-language debut only now, thanks to Process Media's Self-Reliance Series. When you're stuck in the post-apocalyptic netherworld, you'll thank Saury for compiling information on topics as diverse as "watering sheep," "major materials used in the composition of enamels," "alcohols, for quick blazes in iron containers" and "painless childbirth." Across 500 pages, Saury takes us back to our roots, re-teaching us the basics of civilization. My only fear is that it's a weighty tome – how will I carry it with a child in each arm? – and its traditional wood pulp paper composition might not prove especially durable in a sea of fire. – Bobby Tanzilo