By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 01, 2015 at 3:01 PM

Welcome to #WeWant, a weekly selection of the stuff editors and staffers love.

Wear it: Fear the Beard
You probably saw Aaron Rodgers tug on a beard for good luck during last week's game versus the Detroit Lions. Now, you can play your part in not breaking the chain of good luck with this T-shirt from Brew City. Plus, a portion of the proceeds will go to Movember Foundation, raising funds to fight prostate cancer and major men's diseases. – Carolynn Buser

Read with it: Kindle Voyage
I do almost all my reading now on my iPad2.  I love it, and the night setting is easy on the easy.  Yet, there's always that pull to check Twitter, email or some other application.  I can usually resist, but I'm thinking it's time for a "reading only device.  And, the more I read and hear about the Kindle Voyage I want it.  $199 seems a bit high for this next-gen Paperwhite display, high resolution and contrast device but its reviews are so good and I love the thoughts of comfortably and no distractions. – Jeff Sherman

Stabilize it: Kenu Stance Compact Tripod
They say the best camera is the one in your pocket, which for me, is clearly my iPhone 6. But trying to take a good low-light photo without a tripod is near impossible, and until I saw the Kenu Stance, I was convinced that all regular tripods are too bulky. Not this little guy, though. At only $30, the Kenu Stance compact tripod is about the size of a pocket knife, and could only be improved with the addition of a keychain hole. It’s cool because it unfolds for vertical or horizontal use and connects with the Lightning port – which is the first time I’ve seen it used for that. And oh, yeah, the 1.2 ounce zinc-alloy tripod also works as a bottle opener. For photography, FaceTime or opening beer, the Kenu Stance has you covered. Andy Tarnoff

Drink it: Damilano Barolo Cannubi 2010
I wanted barolo for Christmas and I got two, both made by Damilano, a family run vineyard that's about 125 years old. But I've only tasted one so far, the Cannubi, which comes from the eponymous vineyard that occupies a south-facing hill (or sori' in Piemontese) rising above the town of Barolo in Piedmont, Italy. This deep ruby red wine is made from 100% nebbiolo grapes from vines that range from 30 to 50 years old and it is as regal as you'd expect. Aged in oak for two years – and another year in the bottle – this barolo is full-bodied and bold, but its tannins are softer, its cherry and plum notes give it a fruitiness that make it not only complex and forceful – with dashes of tobacco and chocolate – but also welcoming and drinkable. A wine this good will cost you; in this case about $85. So, I don't expect you'll buy it by the case, but buy one now and put it in the cellar for later. Then, save up a bit more and buy another one. Because, you know, Valentine's Day is right around the corner. – Bobby Tanzilo

Watch it: "Girls"
Have you been in "Girls" withdrawal? You won't be for much longer – the fourth season starring Lena Dunham and crew will kick off Jan. 11 on HBO. Now is your chance to get caught up on all the comedy-drama's craziness that has gone on in the past three seasons. – Carolynn Buser