By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 08, 2015 at 3:01 PM

Welcome to #WeWant, a weekly selection of the stuff editors and staffers love.

Cuddle with it: Faux Fur Throw
I hate the winter as much as anybody but this throw blanket makes it much more cozy. I have a few of them and the cuddly feel takes away the chill and instantly warms me -- while it feels heavy and soft, it doesn't overheat you. Go ahead and order two right away -- because you will be fighting for it with your loved ones. -- Carolynn Buser

Smoke it: Cameron's Stainless Steel Smoker
A few weeks ago, I smoked a side of bacon in the oven with my roasting pan and a ton of foil. After laying out the design for a homemade oven smoker in my head, my brother pointed out that they're already in production (of course they are). My design is a little more full featured than this stainless steel stovetop smoker, but it's tempting to grab one just to get going. -- Nick Barth

Sip it: Santa Rita 2009 Medalla Real Carmenere
There was a time when Chilean wine meant, for many Americans, a $5 magnum of red wine. But those days are gone as we've learned that Chile has so much more to offer than jug wine.Witness this oaky carmenere from one of Chile's pioneer winemakers, which first planted European varietals in Chile in the late 19th century. Listing at around $20, this scarlet red, 100 percent carmenere offers a stunning aroma as soon as the cork is popped. Fruity and spicy, with peppery notes leaping among vanilla, blackberry and even cocoa flavors, this is a big, big wine that packs a flavorful and elegant punch. -- Bobby Tanzilo

Charge it: Junopower Aluminum Lightning Cable   
I went through a phase when I stocked up on generic Chinese charging cables for my iPhone and iPad. They were cheap … and they stopped working after about a week. When I was done complaining about Apple’s proprietary Lightning technology, I stocked up on MFI-certified cables, and the Junopower Kaebo is one of the nicer ones. With aluminum connectors and a thick, braided cloth cable, it’s a big step up from the cheap plastic ones Apple sells. The company says it will last twice as long as the OEM iPhone cables, but for me, it will probably last longer than that, because neither my dog or my kitten can chew through it in one bite. -- Andy Tarnoff

Watch it: "The Wire
I watched a ton of TV over the holidays -- and I can't be the only one. Maybe you caught the marathon showing of "The Wire" on HBO as well? If you didn't -- watch it now. It was one of those shows that I could not stop watching. So many issues this show brought to the forefront such as race relations and drug problems are still so very relevant -- even more than 10 years later. Even with the somewhat bleak view I received of Baltimore and the realities of urban life -- I felt moments of human frailty and faith. I watched all five seasons in the course of a few days -- if you could do it faster than that I would be highly impressed! -- Carolynn Buser