By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Sep 25, 2014 at 3:08 PM

Welcome to #WeWant, a weekly selection of the stuff editors and staffers love.

Cook with it: Silver dollar pancake pan
One of my favorite Sunday morning activities is making pancakes or waffles. I like to switch up the size and shape of my pancakes – I'm the mom who still makes letter-shaped pancakes for 12-year-olds. And sometimes I pour small cakes, but they always come out different sizes and kinda wonky. This pan would really up my presentation game and looks like it would be pretty easy to clean, too. On a side note, why must maple syrup be so expensive? -- Molly Snyder

Read it: "Gone Girl," by Gillian Flynn 
The incredible thriller "Gone Girl" will soon be in theaters and I'm currently rereading the book in preparation. Beyond the fact that Mr. Ben Affleck is the lead male cast as Nick (hubba hubba) there are so many reasons I can't wait for "Gone Girl" to hit the big screen. The book was riveting, compelling, and a bit dark and twisted. I simply cannot say it strongly enough -- read it! -- Carolynn Buser

Paddle it: Oru Kayak
I love being on the water, but storage is as at a premium in my one-bedroom home so a canoe or kayak is out of the question. Anton Willis had the same problem living in San Francisco and looked to origami for the solution. His Oru Kayak is stable, rugged and folds down into a 29x32x13-inch box. Weighing only 26 pounds, it looks to be a portable, space-saving alternative that for me puts a kayak back into the realm of possibility. It's late in the year to start kayaking in this area, but come spring... -- Nick Barth

Sip it: Abbazia di Novacella Schiava 2012 
I love finding a new wine I've never tasted before. Especially one that has a unique profile, like this 100% schiava from Italy's northern, German-speaking Alto Adige region. Schiava's pale ruby, sometimes almost orange, color reminded me immediately of grignolino from Piedmont, but unlike that varietal, schiava has low tannins, light acidity and a fruitiness untempered by grignolino's spice. This is a gentle, light red, with only 10 percent alcohol. Partner it with a cheese platter, pizza, poultry and pasta. You can't go wrong. -- Bobby Tanzilo

Illuminate it: ZeroHour XD Flashlight
Ever wonder what a $225 flashlight does? I did, too, until the ZeroHour XD was sent to me for review. The short answer: it nearly blinded me when I made the mistake of looking at the lens. This is the kind of flashlight you can take into combat, then simultaneously recharge your phone and tablet a few times when you were done turning night into day.

To get more specific, the ZeroHour flashlight boasts a 1,000 lumen LED with 10,000mAh of USB battery backup power. Designed with aircraft grade aluminum, it’s waterproof (when you attach the included flat and carabiner caps). Its 3, 3,400mAH rechargeable lithium batteries will provide more than 24 hours of illumination when set on low, and six hours of daylight on insanely high power setting. There’s also a self-defense strobe – aimed at an attacker, it will stop him in his tracks. For real. This badass is going right into my bug out bag.

I’m not sure who needs a flashlight this durable, but my guess is that it will outlive whoever owns it. And at that price point, it should. -- Andy Tarnoff