By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published May 28, 2015 at 3:07 PM

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Eat through it: Walker's Point Food Crawl

I'm not a jealous person. But, every year around this time I get completely green thinking about all the people who get to wander leisurely up and down South Second Street, nibbling on amazing food and drinks during the Walker's Point Food Crawl. It's true; I only have myself to blame. Getting involved as an organizer means that I always have other responsibilities to attend to on that day... and that means I don't really get to enjoy the event. Last year, I missed it entirely thanks to a board retreat. This year, I'll be manning the registration desk. So, somebody else needs to go for me and eat lots and lots of great stuff. Maybe it's you? If so – see you Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. Get tickets. – Lori Fredrich

Press It: Wooden Book Press

Bookbinding is my (sort of) secret hobby. It's a wonderful departure from my digital life; an art form that tends to my creative side while allowing the more particular (a former teacher prefered "neurotic") side of me the joys of precision. Though my workstation is all set up, I've hardly bound a thing since moving back to Milwaukee. I finally visited the tremendous Minnesota Center for Book Arts last weekend, though, and I'm full of renewed vigor and ideas. My usual press is a tower of books borrowed from the heaviest of my collection, but maybe it's time to retire the stack and get serious. A cast iron press (swoon) would be ideal, but they're very heavy, very expensive, and very hard to come by. This Japanese Temple Style Press looks like a great alternative. It's handmade from maple and ash and would look beautiful while squashing my next masterpiece into submission. Now all I need is another bookshelf or three for the former press... – Nick Barth

Hang it: Beer Cap Holder 

While cleaning up after last weekend's Memorial Day extravaganza I found plenty of beer bottle caps just waiting to go into the recycling. A neat way to take advantage of them is this beer cap holder in the shape of the United States. Why not make them into a work of art instead of just throwing them in the trash? Even better, when you travel you can place caps from beers you enjoyed in those places on the map, too! – Carolynn Buser 

Use it: Dymo label maker 

Sure, there are easier-to-use, electronic label makers out there, but they do not make colorful labels with the white, bumpy text like this classic guy. I have seen these simple machines slowly disappear from every drug and big box store, so if you dig this label maker as much as I do for card making and other art projects, get it online before it goes the way of the Poloroid camera. – Molly Snyder

Eat them: Authentic Italian Pasta Chips

These GMO-free baked pasta snacks – based, apparently, on a snack the company found once had in a Tuscan osteria – look like crackers (and I guess, really, they are), but they're made from semolina, which is used to make pasta dough. More importantly, they are delicious. Even the flavors I was initially skeptical about have turned out to be really good. They're available in marinara, alfredo, spicy tomato herb, garlic olive oil and sea salt, with the last two topping the flavor standings in my book. Because I'm keeping an eye on my caloric intake these days, I'm happy that a serving has on 120 calories. You can find a local retailer at – Bobby Tanzilo