By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jun 12, 2014 at 3:01 PM

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Won't break it: GoVino Wine Glasses
I have a serious problem with breaking glasses. I'd like to think this is just a fleeting issue in my life, but somehow I doubt it. GoVino shatterproof glasses are my savior. What makes these glasses different is that they are flexible, unbreakable and notched so I don't drop them as easily. At $12.95 for a set of four, they are a worthy investment for your patio, home or even to throw in a bag and tote to the beach. The only downside is they are not dishwasher safe. They also have a set of beer glasses, which may be a great idea for a man in your life with a chronic dropping problem too, just in time for Father's Day. -- Carolynn Buser

Add it: Repurposed Piano Wet Bar
I should have learned how to play the piano.  But, I didn't so why not use an old one as a bar!  That's the Milwaukee way.  This cool Piano Wet Bar is made from a vintage upright piano. Just open the door to reveal a lighted cabinet to house your glassware and spirits, and check out the hidden storage space under the keyboard.  Made by View63 in South Milwaukee, this would look great in your (or my) rec room! -- Jeff Sherman

Hit with it: PING i25 Fairway wood
My golf clubs are from 2008, which are practically ancient nowadays, but there's a reason for that - I obviously like the way they perform, but I also like the way they look when I set up. Don't underestimate this - I've passed on other sets just because they didn't look (or "feel") right for me at address. That stuff matters. Which is why I'm wanting the new PING i25 Fairway wood. Its slick. I like the way it looks when it's on the ground. And, being that it's six years newer than my current wood - it's definitely going to perform better. And who doesn't want that? -- Jim Owczarski

Protect with it: ONA Bowery camera bag
Having and wearing a cheap camera bag is playing with fire. And up until recently, that’s exactly what I was doing with my precious camera and Leica lenses: holding them in a cheap, Chinese eBay bag that kept opening and dumping out my stuff. Fortunately, ONA sent me their gorgeous smoke gray, waxed canvas camera bag, and I’m breathing easier. Somehow this small bag, with its soft insert, not only holds my Micro 4/3 camera, but all of my lenses and accessories, and it does it in a stylish, urban messenger bag sort of way. The full-grain, antique brass hardware securely claps the bag shut, and with its water-resistant premium canvas, the Bowery is as tough as it is handsome. Can you tell I’ve been lusting after this for a while? The Bowery comes in several colors – my gray one sells for only $129 – the antique cognac leather version is $239. Seems pricey? Well, you spent a bunch of money on your camera. You should spend a bit more to protect your investment. -- Andy Tarnoff

Watch it: Lone Survivor on Blu-Ray/DVD
The title and the publicity of "Lone Survivor" made it quite obvious: Marcus Luttrell (Mark Wahlberg) is the titular survivor, thus engraving in our minds that his fellow Navy SEALs behind Operation Red Wings meet their fate during the failed 2005 mission to eliminate Taliban leader Ahmed Shah. No matter how familiar you are with the true account, which is based on Marcus Luttrell’s memoir of the same title, the film still manages to be effective, all thanks to the fantastic performances, the impeccably staged battle sequences, and Peter Berg’s direction.

It should’ve been a flaw to know the outcome, and it really did annoyed me enough to become engaged at first, but once the soldiers capture three goat herders who came across their position in a mountainous region in Afghanistan, and the team — Luttrell, Michael Murphy (Taylor Kitsch, "The Normal Heart"), Danny Dietz (Emile Hirsch, "Prince Avalanche"), and Matt Axelson (Ben Foster, "Ain’t Them Bodies Saints") — let them go, leading to an intense, prolonged battle sequence.

I took my father and grandfather to see this film earlier this year and the theater in my hometown was packed. They’re both fans of war dramas, and this one especially struck a chord with them. The film even received a round of applause by the regular movie-going audience, which is a rare occurrence, at least to my own experience.

The Blu-ray / DVD combo pack, which was just released earlier this month, includes a slew of special features including a profile of Luttrell, an exclusive look at how the action sequence was pulled off, and the multi-part documentary piece "The Fallen Heroes of Operation Red Wings." This would make a great gift for your father, especially if he’s just as much as a nut for war films as my father is. -- Colton Dunham