By Jason McDowell Creative Director Published Feb 20, 2019 at 7:09 PM Photography: Jason McDowell

Winter can be a challenging time  from battles with cabin fever to the search for ever more blankets – but since most of us have willfully chosen to live here, we may as well find ways to redirect our negative energies and try to enjoy it (I9).

So if you're sick of winter even though we're barely halfway through February, well congrats, you're ready to drop your dauber on O22! Now when the snow stops falling instead of grumbling about it, Wisco Bingo will make you cheer for your chance to check off O24. Who knew that shoveling out a neighbor while they're on vacation (I8) could be so fun?

Click to download and screenshot your Wisco Bingo board

Additionally, if you fill out your board, make sure to post it to your favorite social network and tag us for your chance to win some fun prizes.

And yeah, our Midwest neighbors are welcome to share in the marvelous misery of winter, as well.

Jason McDowell Creative Director

Jason McDowell grew up in central Iowa and moved to Milwaukee in 2000 to attend the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

In 2006 he began working with OnMilwaukee as an advertising designer, but has since taken on a variety of rolls as the Creative Director, tackling all kinds of design problems, from digital to print, advertising to branding, icons to programming.

In 2016 he picked up the 414 Digital Star of the Year award.

Most other times he can be found racing bicycles, playing board games, or petting dogs.