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Lindsay Garric is a Milwaukee native who calls her favorite city home base for as long as her lifestyle will allow her. A hybrid of a makeup artist, esthetician, personal trainer and entrepreneur all rolled into a tattooed, dolled-up package, she has fantasies of being a big, bad rock star who lives in a house with a porch and a white picket fence, complete with small farm animals in a version of Milwaukee that has a tropical climate.

A mishmash of contradictions, colliding polar opposites and a dash of camp, her passion is for all pretty things and the products that go with it. From makeup to workouts, food to fashion, Lindsay has a polished finger on the pulse of beauty, fashion, fitness and nutrition trends and is super duper excited to share that and other randomness from her crazy, sexy, gypsy life with the readers of

Recent Articles
 Travel & Visitors Guide - December 2, 2015
 Fear and Luggage in Australia
 I have allowed Fear to unrightfully direct some major decisions that greatly altered the course of my life. So I decided to dig in.
 Buzz - September 28, 2015
 Water and laptops don't compute
 In an age of Apple Watches and Google Glass, shouldn't laptops be impervious to water damage?
 Buzz - September 9, 2015
 First garden reaps food and thought
 Today, as I pull out the remnants, I remember the crazy outburst of my very first garden and all of its significance gets etched into the big picture of food production.
 Living - August 24, 2015
 Blue moon magic
 The Blue Moon rose on July 31, 2015. This astrological wonder hadn't occurred since 2012 and won't varnish the sky with its indigo face again until 2018. To my delight, the early hours of the "morning after" presented a celestial show that will have to sustain me until I can witness it again.
 Music - August 5, 2015
 5 questions for Alice Cooper
 Lindsay Garric gets personal with Alice Cooper - her husband, Chuck, is Cooper's bassist - and asks him five great questions. Cooper gigs in Milwaukee on Friday, Aug. 7.
 Living - July 19, 2015
 CJ Lomas Foundation brings hope to heroin epidemic
 In addition to the hefty work it does through the family support group, the CJ Lomas Foundation has hosted The CJ Lomas Recovery Foundation Golf Outing each year to raise money for opiate recovery organizations and to provide financial assistance for those in need to get help. This year, the event takes place on Friday July 24.
 Living - June 30, 2015
 "Salad Shaming" happens
 Sluts can relax. There's yet another demographic being shamed.
 Marketplace - June 17, 2015
 Minimize with Bedrock Sandals
 The breeze cools the tops of my feet and sneaks between my toes as my soles deftly navigate every detail of the varied terrain through the most minimal athletic shoe I have ever invested in - Bedrock Sandals.
 Dining - June 1, 2015
 Scotch Hill Farm trailblazes CSA path
 If farming had professional athletes, Dela Ends of Scotch Hill Farm would be an all-star. Her certified organic, family-run farm located in Broadhead, Wis. has provided nourishment through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to Milwaukee and neighboring cities since 1994.
 Living - May 20, 2015
 A potential clear skin solution
 Penelope Shihab, founder of biotech company MONOJO and CEO of Milwaukee's Columbia Biotech USA has an innovative take on creating and maintaining clear skin.

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