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Romina Cordoba is ready for some football.

Featured bartender: Uptowner's Romina Cordoba

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There are cliches about people lighting up rooms and then there is Romina Cordoba, a bartender at Uptowner who really does illuminate the iconic watering hole.

And Cordoba has skills that match her smile – she's able to whip up an incredibly-packed Bloody Mary, preferably while talking about The Pack.

We stopped in Uptowner recently for a little of both. How long have you been a bartender at Uptowner?

Romina Cordoba: I have been lucky to work for this fine establishment for almost the last two years now. It's my first bartending job. And my last.

OMC: You are from Buenos Aires, right?

RC: Sure am! I moved to the states around the age of 6. My dad was a pro soccer player so I've bounced from state to state my entire childhood. My dad eventually started playing for the Milwaukee Wave which is what brought me here originally. Even though after we moved from California to Texas to Florida to Mexico and back to Argentina, this is always the place I came back to.

OMC: Are you still fluent in Spanish?

RC: Yes, I do speak fluent Spanish.

OMC: When did your dad play for The Wave?

RC: He played in 1991 . Carlos Hector Cordoba, but everyone who knows him knows him as "Cacho." He also coached the Milwaukee Rampage a few years later.

OMC: What is your favorite drink to make? To consume?

RC: Right now my obsessions are Bloody Marys with Absolut cilantro vodka and all the fixings I can shove into one glass. My favorite to consume? I'm a Jameson or Tulla neat with a cold Topo Chico bottle on the side kinda gal.

OMC: How do you serve Somersby?

RC: Well the Uptowner is a less-is-more kinda bar – other than my Bloody Marys, of course – so either right out of the bottle or in a pint glass full of ice.

OMC: Are you a big Packers fan? (Cordoba was wearing a Packers sweatshirt and, later, a Packers jersey.)

RC: Yes ma'am! I love me them Packers. Growing up in a household with only soccer 24/7 it took me much too long to get into American football. But after watching the 2010 season when the Packers won the Super Bowl I was hooked. I did just go to my first game and it was pretty great. Even though we lost, it was only a pre-season game and it was definitely a great experience.

OMC: What is on your list of things to do in your lifetime?

RC: Easy! Go back to Lambeau and watch the Packers win the Super Bowl.

OMC: What do you like to do when you're not tending bar?

RC: I am also an optician at Suson Eye Specialists in the St. Mary's Urgent Care hospital. So when I'm not going from one job to the next, I like a comfortable bed, my handsome and wonderful fiancee, take-out food and my TV. The perfect day off.

OMC: What do you like about Uptowner?

RC: It's great to be a part of one of the oldest bars in Milwaukee. It has so much history and we are all such a tight-knit family. The relationships I have made in this bar go way beyond just being someone's bartender or them being just a customer. I have made life-long friends. Go Pack!


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