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Extend the garden season with spring planted bulbs

Published April 10, 2016

Keeping your garden looking its best throughout the growing season and into fall is possible with the help of low maintenance spring planted bulbs. Plant them in spring among other annuals or perennials and watch as these bulbs brighten the garden.


Springing into mind

Published April 2, 2016

It may not seem like it with the smattering of snow we received today, but spring is but around the corner. With the season in the air, Victor DeLorenzo wrote a collection of thoughts - almost a poetic list, if you will - on the upcoming time of year. Enjoy!


Long winter has bikers ready to ride

Published April 17, 2014

The rumble of motorcycle engines is as sure a sign of spring in Wisconsin as baseball, open-water fishing or brats on the grill. Unfortunately, this past weekend's weather was not really calling motorcycle riders or anyone else to get outside around these parts.


My first Milwaukee spring

Published April 15, 2014

I'm a (fried) fish out of water, so I'm ready for the spring season in Milwaukee. But, I can't help but think summer.

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MMA, "America's Fastest Growing Sport," Returns to Milwaukee Saturday, July 28th

NAFC "WARRIORS" MMA CAGE FIGHTING RETURNS TO MILWAUKEE SATURDAY, JULY 28THMMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting fans from around the Midwest will be converging on Southeastern Wisconsin Saturday, July 28th, to watch their favorite sport in one of the most unique venues anywhere - ...

It happens each spring...yet it's new

It happens each Spring and it is with great anticipation.  Yet, yearly I am at a loss as to properly put into words the feelings evoked from the smell of the first Spring rain.  Can there be a more recognizable smell on earth?  I think what gets to me the most is that it is a &lsqu...

Winter and the memory of niceness (Spring Snow)

With each passing winter I grow increasingly tired of the cold.  It has begun to get into my bones, chilling without release and so although we have officially made exit of this winter season there was something about our Spring winter storm surprise, yes I said it right, a Spring Winter S...

Spring Eats

Spring  is an exciting time of year! I love the first days of Spring when the cold finally breaks and you can just smell the warm weather.  It as if Spring is Summer just trying to break through.  It makes me think of when you are on the brink of a good idea, something real...

Spring Headcleaning

Tuesday March 25th, 2008 - Chicago, IL I’m working steady for the next little while and I’m glad about that. I thought I’d lay off a little and get my business going but I haven’t done that at all. I’ve let it fall behind and I feel like a weenie. Too many things are...

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