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2015 picks: Molly Snyder

Published Dec. 25, 2015

2015 was pretty good for senior writer Molly Snyder. Highlights include a new sandwich shop, a strangely sexy sad clown, a book and movie about a boy trapped in a room and an even deeper appreciation for her mom.


The gross glory of competitive eating

Published Aug. 15, 2015

This year was by far Molly Snyder's best speed eating effort, but after downing a baked potato covered in cheese and three full-sized cream puffs she feels ridiculously bloated. See the glory and grossness in this video.


Competitive cream puff eating loser

Published Aug. 6, 2014

For the past three years, I participated in the cheesy baked potato contest at the Wisconsin State Fair. This year, I decided to switch it up, and try the cream puff eating contest instead.

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