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5 weird things I saw in Vegas

Published Feb. 6, 2017

Perhaps you're in the mood for eating some midnight sushi or buying a Rolex. Or maybe you want to gamble on the sinking of the Titanic. Las Vegas is your place for weirdness. Here's just a sampling.


5 places that are keeping Milwaukee weird

Published May 9, 2014

Even though Milwaukee does not officially have a "keep it weird" campaign like other cities, there's still enough weirdness to keep life interesting.


An outsider's view of "quirky Milwaukee"

Published Sept. 22, 2012

Our fine staff and those from the countless travel sites and blogs continue to find the gems and jewels that make Milwaukee great. The latest collective list comes from It explores some of the city's "quirky" destinations.


Quench your quirk with wacky Wisco destinations

Published May 6, 2008

What if this year you revolutionized your definition of vacation, and instead of chilling in the screened-in porch at your parent's cabin, you road tripped to see the world's largest penny or the Mustard Museum?

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Public Shaming at it's best

I'm all for public shaming...... in criminal cases. Perfect example: A man in Ohio (an adult!) who was convicted recently, of repeatedly calling 911 for no other reason than to talk smack and threaten...

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