By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Sep 03, 2019 at 6:01 PM

The first official day of fall – Sept. 23 – is creeping closer on our calendars. But just because the summer is ending doesn't mean the fun does too. As proof, we offer this list of 100 great things about autumn (in no particular order).

  1. The smell of burning leaves
  2. It's apple season!
  3. The end of humidity
  4. A trip to Holy Hill to see the colors
  5. Binge-watching Netflix with a bowl of popcorn
  6. Flannel sheets
  7. Decorating the house for Halloween
  8. Taking little kids trick or treating
  9. No more mowing the lawn
  10. Hitting the Stadium Bar before a Badgers game at Camp Randall Stadium
  11. Wearing your favorite fall jackets
  12. Watching soccer at the Highbury and Nomad
  13. Brunch at the Apple Holler
  14. Checking out Doors Open Milwaukee
  15. Harvest Fair at State Fair Park
  16. Driving through Lake Country to look at the foliage
  17. Al's Run & Walk 
  18. The Admirals drop the puck
  19. Brisk mornings at the dog park
  20. A spirited touch football game (with no injuries)
  21. The apple guy at the East Town Market
  22. Friday night football at Hart Park
  23. White pants go deep in the closet
  24. Walks through Doctors Park
  25. The Halloween section at Goodwill
  26. Fan Appreciation Night at Miller Park
  27. Knowing that it's truly time to drink Guinness at County Clare
  28. Cedarburg Wine and Harvest Festival
  29. Pumpkin spice lattes at Stone Creek Coffee
  30. Playoff baseball ... hopefully
  31. Monday Night Football
  32. Making a giant pot of chili
  33. Watching scary movies on big screens across the city
  34. Bars with heated outdoor patios
  35. One last fishing trip
  36. Deer hunting
  37. Deer hunting widow's weekend
  38. Cheery Cherry Fall Fair in Menomonee Falls
  39. Thanksgiving
  40. Raking leaves (it's good exercise)
  41. Lots of shows at the Pabst Theater Group venues
  42. Bowling leagues
  43. The "Fifth Quarter" in Madison
  44. Brewery tours
  45. UWM soccer games at Engelmann Field
  46. Marquette soccer at Valley Field
  47. Farmers' markets
  48. Game day in Green Bay
  49. A weekend in Door County
  50. A crisp round of golf
  51. The Milwaukee Film Festival 
  52. Planning a winter getaway
  53. An afternoon at the Union in Madison
  54. Oktoberfest in La Crosse
  55. Visiting haunted houses
  56. Marquette Madness – a kickoff for basketball
  57. The WIAA football playoffs
  58. Brookfield East vs. Brookfield Central soccer showdowns
  59. Pumpkin carving
  60. Eating squash
  61. Watching football on Thanksgiving Day
  62. The night before Thanksgiving, aka one of the best drinking days of the year
  63. Cardigan sweaters
  64. Wearing dresses with tights
  65. The disappearance of mosquitoes
  66. Hot toddies (Whiskey, rum, or brandy?) 
  67. Leisurely hikes through Grant Park
  68. Experiencing a showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" 
  69. Comfort food
  70. Using the fireplace again
  71. The smell of firewood
  72. Stream "When the Leaves Come Falling Down" by Van Morrison
  73. Pumpkin pie
  74. Wearing boots
  75. Leaves crunching under your feet
  76. Canning season
  77. Trips to a less-crowded Zoo
  78. Freshly pressed apple cider
  79. Wool socks
  80. Reading a book on a rainy afternoon
  81. Extra beautiful sunsets 
  82. Elaborate spider webs
  83. Freshly baked bread
  84. Indoor home remodeling projects
  85. Blankets on the couch
  86. New TV shows to obsess over – including a new season of "This Is Us"
  87. Put "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young on repeat
  88. Sending kids back to school
  89. Fall weddings
  90. The song "September Gurls" by Big Star (it makes us think of fall, anyway)
  91. Getting a head start on Christmas shopping
  92. Comfy pajamas
  93. Fall colors in fashion – brown, rust, orange
  94. Seasonal beers
  95. Crock-Pot dinners
  96. Bake sales
  97. Irish coffee seems to taste better
  98. Testing new recipes for the holidays 
  99. Leftover Halloween candy
  100. The opening of Bucks training camp