By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Apr 23, 2018 at 1:11 PM

We are now reporting from Day 2 of #TacoGate. Eyes across the nation are focused on the city of Milwaukee, as it remains at war over BelAir Cantina's supposed lackluster service toward Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo, causing him to leave the taqueria's Water Street location after 10 minutes of waiting and instead dine at DiModa.

Was Giannis told to wait or was he completely ignored? Should the NBA All-Star – and the man responsible for Milwaukee's game-winning basket on Sunday – have been immediately granted a table for his heroics anyway? And what happens to BelAir Cantina's apologetic free tacos if, say, the Bucks – heaven forbid – win in seven games? These are the hard questions Milwaukee – and, really, the entire globe – must confront and debate today. 

Here's one thing we know for certain: The next time Giannis is craving tacos, he'll at least always have a seat waiting for him at Mazorca. 

Immediate Seating @mazorcamke @giannis_an34 @onmilwaukee @todaystmj4 @ediblemilwaukee @milwaukeebucksbasketball @wpa_mke

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Well, that's actually pretty adorable. And in other nice news, The Saucy Swine and redbar are taking this moment to give back to the community (and also dunk on BelAir Cantina) with a special event Wednesday night and a $1,000 donation to Giannis's charity of choice. Look at that: Something good came from this story!

Stay tuned for more updates from Day 2 – aka hopefully the final day – of #TacoGate. Oh, and also Giannis and the Bucks will play Game 5 of their tied-up playoff series against the Celtics on Tuesday night in Boston, as if that even matters anymore.

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