By Jeff Sherman Staff Writer Published Aug 29, 2014 at 12:16 PM

I couldn't help myself.  The banner was a bit tattered and torn, and flapping in the wind it made the beautiful patio at Pizza Man look cheap.  

Last July, of course, Pizza Man remade the old Lixx space on the corner of Belleview and Downer on Milwaukee East Side into a bright, welcoming open and modern restaurant.  It's been a big hit, and its patio stands alone as in the city.  As Bobby Tanzilo wrote, it's "unlike most anything else in Milwaukee."  I love it. 

But, I hated the months old, "Now Open" banner that was ruining the view, the street and the patio's look and feel.  So, I tweeted about it.  Respectfully, of course.  And, nearly instantly, management responded, agreed, and removed the banner.