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Finks serves up retro pinball charm

Published July 8, 2014

If you are trying to build an instant classic bar in Milwaukee's crowded corner tavern scene, you need to set yourself apart. Classic cocktails are great, but there are plenty of East Side bars that already get it. Finks, 1875 N. Humboldt Ave., picks up where Red Room, that closed in 2012, left off. And it has pinball.


Skilled players put competitive pinball scene into full tilt

Published Sept. 25, 2013

Thanks to a small group of dedicated pinball players, the sport (can you call it a sport?) is more organized than ever in Brew City. interviewed dedicated player Michelle Badura about Milwaukee's weekly tournaments, her upcoming zine and the best places to play pinball in Milwaukee.


Milwaukee's best bar games, 2009: Landmark Lanes

Published Feb. 2, 2009

Landmark Lanes wins the readers' choice award for best bar games in Milwaukee and by doing so, confirms what we were all thinking. It might be old school but it's hard to find another bar with the sheer quantity of games found underground at Landmark Lanes.

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