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Our earliest childhood memories

Published June 13, 2014

Some people can recollect events that happened decades ago, others can't remember what they ate for breakfast. In any case, memories are an interesting aspect of being human and, if you don't think about them too often or for too long, they can add an emotional richness to your life.


Social Circle: How have you changed in 15 years?

Published Sept. 15, 2013 turned 15 this week, which resulted in reflection for many of the staff members. Where were they and what were they doing in 1998? This week, the Social Circle was posed the same question.

Omcrecommends100811_storyflow recommends, Oct. 8, 2011

Published Oct. 8, 2011

Whether you're in the mood for a delicious dish, some sweet jams or an easy way to clean house, we've got your cravings covered in this week's Recommends.


Getting a little crazy about sports

Published Oct. 4, 2009

After covering and producing sports for the Journal Sentinel for the last 14 years, I'm excited to join the team at I'll write on a little bit of everything going on in these parts ... even that Rhett Favre guy who is now wearing purple.

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When living in one spot for many years, junk accumulates. Take it from me, a person who lived in the same cramped apartment for seven years. Each purchase or gift received piles up in a dark corner of an empty room. Especially with a husband who doesn't want to part with or throw away anythin...

The Apartment

It seems like yesterday we moved in the apartment surrounded by weeping willow trees. Only it wasn't yesterday but seven years ago. Years of memories and boxes of the past compacted and sealed shut. As I put away our things, a flashback will zing my head like a ice cream headache.The wedding ...

A Candy Induced Childhood

 A fellow writer was on social media discussing his upcoming article on my hometown of Bay View. When I started thinking about it, I realized it had a small town feel in the big city of Milwaukee. I moved to Bay View in third grade. I don't remember starting at Dover Elementary, but reme...

Audiences Bring Show to Life in Upcoming Murder Mystery

Have you heard the news? Port Washington's own Memories Ballroom has been selected as the site of a new, national television reality show called "The E-Factor- The Search for the Next Elvis". Unfortunately, things begin to get "all shook up", as television cameras begin to r...

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