By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 12, 2022 at 1:01 PM

With icy temperatures and snowflakes in the forecast, you may be dreading another wicked Wisconsin winter. Have no fear. Whether you're game for braving the blustery outdoors or would rather be plopped in front of the fire in layered-up long johns, we've got the goods to make the most of a Milwaukee winter.

Enjoy again – or for the first time – this classic "100 things list," updated for the 2022 winter season. And, as we are in the midst of a pandemic, be sure to be safe, be smart and be courteous when doing anything on this list!

1. Venture inside the warm and illuminated Domes
2. Take a warm and cozy stay-cation to the Irish escape that is County Clare
3. Enjoy a romantic carriage ride Downtown (but due to COVID, bring your own blanket!)
4. Ski on the frozen Milwaukee River (at your own risk)
5. Cross country ski in Grant Park
6. Go sledding at Northpoint (again, the risk is your own)
7. Toboggan at your favorite park
8. Reserve yourself an ice skating session at Red Arrow Park (now open!)
9. Fondue!
10. Bumper ski behind a friend's car (carefully in a parking lot, please!)
11. Rent a sauna or heated tent at Zócolo


12. Do donuts in a Pick 'n Save parking lot
13. Warm up the tummy with soup from one of these excellent options
14. Pick up hot chocolate from Colectivo
15. Cheer on the Milwaukee Admirals at UWM Panther Arena
16. Go ice fishing
17. Snowmobile at Bong Rec Area
18. Build an igloo on the lakefront (or at least try)
19. Dive into one of Milwaukee's hidden gem bars
20. Rock your snow suits and moon boots
21. Sign up for (and win?) a spelling bee
22. Make breakfast in bed for you and your sweetie.
23. Check out a production at Skylight Music Theatre
24. Warm up with spirits from Central Standard Distillery
25. Watch the classic Milwaukee-made movie "American Movie"
26. Slurp some tasty matzo ball soup at Benji's

Benji's matzo ball soup

27. Kick it over to a Milwaukee Wave game 
28. Write a Milwaukee limerick 
29. Roll over to one of the city's iconic bowling alleys
30. Binge OnMilwaukee's FoodCrush and Dandelions podcasts
31. Find a heated patio for a night out 
32. Rewatch highlights from when the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA Finals
33. Find the perfect local gift from one of our "Unique Boutiques
34. Treat yourself with some Valentine's cream puffs from the State Fair
35. Make snow angels in the front yard
36. Still is the season for giving, so donate to a good cause – like one of these or another of your choosing
37. Winterize your car
38. Ride the Giannis bus line
39. Chill out at the ice bars at The Corners

Ice bar

40. Get chili powder at the Spice House
41. Treat your pet with a special gift
42. Stay at home and snuggle up
43. Ride The Hop around Downtown and stay warm inside
44. Get out the snow blower and go to town
45. Shovel your elderly neighbor's sidewalk
46. Grow a beard for warmth
47. Take down your Christmas tree ... eventually. Maybe sometime in March
48. Catch up with all the potential Oscar nominees – either on streaming or in theaters like a Marcus location or the Oriental
49. Cover up your toes with warm, wooly footies
50. Be happy you don't live further up nort, eh
51. Eat tacos and more tacos
52. Ride a sled down a hill
53. Do you want to build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman

54. Don't eat the yellow snow
55. Play some snow football
56. Learn to curl
57. Bake cookies from WE Energies famous holiday cookie book
58. Donate to your favorite local charity
59. Prepare for a blizzard when the weather forecasters predict just a "dusting"
60. Dig your car out of the post-plowed snow
61. Fetch yourself the hottest treat of the season: hot chocolate bombs
62. Snow shoe at the Urban Ecology Center
63. Turn up the heat and have a Hawaiian party
64. Pack on the pounds, then hide it with big sweaters
65. Count down 'til that wonderful day when pitchers and catchers report


66. Order a delicious pie for your winter gathering
67. Go to Door County
68. Rent or enjoy an outdoor dome, yurt and more
69. Frolic with your dog at a dog park
70. Stock up on Carmex for winter
71. Make your way through Lori's 52 restaurants for 2022
72. Have yourself an Edgar Allan Poe moment and curl up with a spine-tingler from a local bookshop
73. Spark up a snowball fight with the neighbor kids
74. Treat your wind-burned skin to a day of pampering at a spa
75. Commit to Dry January with one of Milwaukee's various mocktails
77. Binge your way through all of the best movies on Netflix ... and then move on to Hulu
78. Find a bar with outdoor fireside drinking on the menu

79. Play pond hockey on Lake Ernie in Franklin
80. Clean up around the house for the season while listening to your favorite MKE bands
81. Invent a new snow sport. Snow croquet? Ice bowling?
82. Call your grandma or grandpa
83. Put a snowball in your freezer to throw at someone (gently) in July
84. Drink mulled wine
85. Hike in Doctor's Park
86. Cheer on the Packers, Bucks, UWM and Marquette
87. Roast chestnuts on an open fire
88. Stop in for beers at Lakefront Brewery
89. Warm up with a nice shower – complete with a shower beer

Shower beer

90. Insulate your attic
91. Pack up your skis and head Da U.P.
92. Make a music performer wish-list for Summerfest 2022
93. Duck into one of the heated domes, yurts or tents at a local bar or restaurant
94. Figure out the difference between winter storm watch and winter storm warning
95. Create a cocktail called the wintry mix
96. Throw away your scale
97. Craft your own special candle with Glassnote Candle Bar
98. Help the St. Benedict ministries feed the hungry – or donate to one of these food banks
99. Get excited for the winter Olympics, coming up in February
100. Be merry. Say hi to your neighbors. Be the change.